Patrick on February 2nd, 2009

The annual pinewood derby at the church was held this last weekend.  Lacey won first in design and first in speed in her division, Reagan won first in speed.  Brenton’s car had a little trouble, but he did win two of the heats he raced in.  It’s a fun time.  There is always a big pancake breakfast before the racing starts and it gives us good time to sit and visit with friends.

It’s amazing how little we get to visit with people that we go to church with.  I know that our primary reason for getting to service isn’t for social time, but that is also an important part of the equation.  We need to spend time building relationships with other believers as well as our relationship with our heavenly father.  We’ve been watching an Andy Stanley series on how we push everything we do to the limit and leave no margin.  We all try to fit as much as we can into the day,  spend up the the limit where we feel uncomfortable, and don’t understand why our social and spiritual lives are so hard to maintain.  This series is all about how, as we surrender our time and finances back to God and let him steer us towards the priorities He feels are the most important for us, we’ll get margin back in our lives.  We’re seeing that this is true for us.

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