Patrick on November 11th, 2008

We have everything moved over and are in the middle of unpacking.  The closing on the other house will happen Monday so we have to clean everything up really well and meet the carpet cleaners on Saturday before handing the keys over.

When we came in the new house there was a tin of cookies and a nice card from the Erdel’s, the previous owners.  She also had left a trash bag and a couple of dishwasher tabs under the sink.  That was really nice.  We didn’t talk to them much, but they seem like incredible people from what we did see of them.

Today Diane met one of the neighbors while she was packing the kids up for school.  While they were talking the lady asked if she worked and if she did every day.  She said that everybody wants to know who should be home during the day so they can keep their eye on everyone’s houses.  I love it here.

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