Patrick on October 23rd, 2008

Our house sold in two days of being listed!

We signed the papers on our new house on the 12th without selling ours thinking it would be much easier to show and sell ours after we had moved.  This decision kept us from moving for a long time and we decided that we should do it this way to make things easier.  They sent us the paperwork to list our house and brought a yard sign.  On the 15th I sent the realtor a picture of the front of our house and was going to work on better pictures over the weekend, but we had an offer in on the 17th that was also very close to what we were hoping to get out of the house.  On top of that, we were waiting for a handyman to come do some painting, wallpapering, landscaping, repairing that the realtor had suggested we do.  We also had lightbulbs out inside and other things that probably should have kept the house from going.

God is amazing!  This isn’t a coincidence.  We aren’t just lucky.  For this house to, in this market and area, have sold in two days to the first couple to come look at it is beyond luck.   God cares.  I learn more about him every day now and it strengthens me and my faith to see how much a great and awesome God provides for us and cares about our smallest needs.

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