Patrick on October 13th, 2008

We are moving to a new house in three weeks. We’ve been looking at this house for months, but every time we were close to buying it we’d get afraid and back off. A couple weeks ago the house disappeared from the listings. We thought it had been sold which was a relief in a way. Both of us were watching the site, though, and it came back on so we realized that this is the house we had to have. We have “enough” room at our current house, but we really wanted a place where the kids could bring their friends over and would give them their own rooms so that they can do homework, have some time to themselves, or whatever.

We are trying to sell our current house now so pray that we find a buyer in the next few weeks so that when we move we won’t have to deal with anything at the old place and can focus on enjoying the new one.

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